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We are a team of specialists based in Hamburg, Germany, supporting HR in successfully finding the best talent.

Since our establishment, we have specialized in direct search and are committed to providing companies with the best candidates for the long term.

We attach great importance to personal relationships and close cooperation with our customers.

Experience and know-how enable us to understand our customers’ needs and offer suitable solutions. We are proud to help our customers accelerate their growth.

At TALENTLOTSEN, we are passionate about finding and inspiring the best talent.

We work hard to ensure that we always provide the best possible service to our clients. Contact us today and let’s tackle your search for the best talent together!

Why direct approach is the key to success in recruiting

Our approach to direct placement is simple: we take the tedious work off your hands and help you find the employees who fit the exact job profile you’re looking for.

Instead of waiting for suitable candidates to apply on their own, we proactively search for them and approach them directly. By targeting potential candidates directly, you can significantly increase your chances of hireing and stand out from the competition.

By tailoring our direct approach, we are able to bring hard-to-reach target groups into the conversation for a career change.
After all, the best candidates have already been hired.

But getting them talking to you anyway – that’s what it’s all about.

What distinguishes us from conventional personnel consultancies and headhunters

Full cost control
vs. high costs

Conventional headhunters usually charge a high placement fee, which can be up to several tens of thousands of euros, depending on the seniority of the candidate.

In addition, the model of conventional headhunting is often geared towards short-term success, as it aims to recruit and place candidates quickly. Therefore, especially in demanding cases, the search effort soon wears off and your vacancy remains unfilled.

With TALENTLOTSEN’s direct approach, these high costs are eliminated, as you receive all services from us for a low fee.

Extended arm vs. external assignment

Especially when there is a lack of internal recruiting clout and rapid deployment is required, the TALENTLOTSEN see themselves as an extended arm for recruiting and direct approach.

We discuss the desired scope of services with you (direct contact via various channels, sparring on HR topics, applicant management, etc.), work as a team on your search assignments, cover absences due to vacation, illness or parental leave and thus spare you expensive freelance and interim recruiters.

This gives you recruiting-as-a-service that can be managed flexibly on a temporary or permanent basis.

Telephone and video approach instead of mass messaging.

Every target group, whether in IT, technology/engineering or commercial positions, needs a tailored search and approach strategy. Conventional personnel consultancies often still work with a candidate pool or send out general mass messages to attract talent.

TALENTLOTSEN, on the other hand, are experts in innovative direct approaches, including telephone and video approaches. As a result, we achieve response rates of up to 50%! For you, this means a more qualified selection of available candidate:s than via interchangeable mass messages.

Our effective process for recruiting through direct approach

Prior to any collaboration, we always conduct a detailed market research on your vacancy in order to provide you with a reliable assessment of search potential and target group.


In our collaboration, the process begins with a comprehensive briefing in which we understand your requirements and expectations for the recruitment process. Based on this information, we create an individual approach strategy.

Identify and approach potential candidates

With a web-based research database, individual target company list and social media access, we can quickly and effectively identify potential candidates and approach them directly - be it via direct message, video or telephone headhunting.

Pre-qualification of the candidates

We then conduct a comprehensive pre-qualification of candidates and present only those who meet your requirements.

Prepare candidates for the interview

We brief candidates in preparation for interviews and ensure that the application process runs smoothly and professionally. By working with us, you can focus on your core business while ensuring you find the best talent for your organization.

What customers say about TALENTLOTSEN

Direct approach is an effective way to find the best talent for your company. It's about proactively sourcing candidates and approaching them directly, rather than waiting for candidates to reach out on their own.

With TALENTLOTSEN's direct approach format, you have the assurance that we will continuously take care of your most demanding search processes and always present you with the best talent.

The Team

Our team of experienced talent acquisition specialists will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and provide you with tailored direct hire solutions.

We are the Human in HR

We are committed to helping you attract the best talent to your organization and support you through every step of the recruiting process.

Robert Zangeneh

Head of Recruiting

Johannes Ritter

Werkstudent Personalberatung

Jan Wulf

Founder & CEO

Arghavan Scholz

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Maria Krainhöfner

Office Managerin

Michael Moser

Head of Business Development

Daniel Fischer

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Dennis Szimmetat

Head of Sales Development

Nele Kelch

Talent Acquisition Specialist

The Team
Nina Rebuschat

Office Managerin & Datenschutzbeauftragte

Laura Hüttig

Sales Development Managerin

Gregor Rudat

Digital Marketing Specialist

Robert Pasterz

Team Lead Talent Acquisition

Lena Menke

Office Managerin

Niklas Schwarz

Sales Development Manager

Tania Forozanfar

Werkstudentin Marketing & Sales

Armaghan Zangeneh

Team Lead Talent Acquisition

Lara Qualmann

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Bettina Dreier

Sales Development Managerin

Caroline Kock

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Stefanie Hokema

Sales Development Representative

Vanessa Kalk

Sales Development Representative

Björn Meyer

Head of Legal & Human Resources

Jonas Much

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Anna Stäbner

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Chiara Kämpfe

Team Lead Marketing

Jonas Büchtmann

Sales Development Manager

Janina Krischker

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Luisa Erbel

Customer Success & Lead Development Manager

Marco Gottschalk

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Stephanie Ott

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Navprit Bhatia

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Constantin Haunert

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Jeremy Lou Vaggers

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Dennis Jankowski

Sales Development Manager


We work for your future

Job changes are always exciting – sometimes overdue and often not so easy.

The biggest challenge is not even quitting the old job, but deciding on a new employer.

We will provide you with professional support – and work with you to find a company that suits you and offers the perfect job for your successful professional future.

You can find our current job offers on XING – and if there is a suitable offer for you, then please contact Robert Zangeneh, your very own talent guide, immediately.

The fastest way to do this is to use one of our contact options via email, XING or LinkedIn.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Robert Zangeneh
Head of Recruiting

M. +49 176 1999 12 03​

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